Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sugar Bear

I am a bad blogger. I have not posted anything since well before my daughter was born. She is now 5 months old. I don't even know what to blog about.

Sugar Bear has been sick all week with ear infections and a viral illness accompanied by fever, gagging/coughing and lots of barf and snot. I forgot how hard it is to comfort an infant who cannot tell you what is wrong and how useless I feel when she looks at me with watery/crusty/puffy eyes, clearly begging me to make it better.

Then there is the other husband. This is his first daddy rodeo. Since Sugar Bear has been sick he cannot sleep, he panics when he cannot hear her stuffy nose snorts from her crib. He needs hourly reassurance from me that she will be okay. She will be okay, dear, I promise. He asked the doctor if Sugar Bear could dehydrate from all the crying she's been doing. Dehydration by tears? I don't think he was kidding. I never would have thought of such a thing. Doc calms his fears. No, you cannot dehydrate from crying. It is sweet. He loves his little girl.  Sugar Bear is a lucky girl to have a dad like Evan.

At 4:30 this morning I was up with my small patient for a fresh diaper, a bottle and some snuggles. I think we hit the pillow near 6:00 a.m. When I awoke at 8:15 it felt like someone was watching me. Sure enough, when I rolled over, there was my munchkin, starring wide eyed at me and fully awake. After a minute or so, she cracked a smile. My happy girl was back! We are through the worst of it.